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Sustainable Landscaping for the Calgary Area

Bradbosh Landscaping – Setting the Green Standard for Calgary Landscaping


Welcome to the era where sustainable living is not just a choice but a responsibility. As stewards of both urban and rural spaces in the Calgary area, we are at the forefront of making environmentally conscious decisions in our everyday lives. In this realm, sustainable landscaping plays a critical role. From water-saving techniques to eco-friendly materials, we explore the nuances of creating beautiful and sustainable landscaping in Calgary.


Why Sustainable Landscaping is Non-Negotiable in Calgary

In Calgary, we experience all the seasons, each presenting its challenges and opportunities for landscaping. Given our arid summers and snowy winters, sustainability isn’t just ‘nice-to-have’; it’s a ‘must-have.’ For landscaping to be considered truly sustainable, it needs to be water-efficient, energy-conserving, and resourceful in every sense. Here’s how we can achieve it.

Water-Saving Techniques

Calgary’s climate brings a need for effective water management. Consider adopting drought-resistant plants like lavender, sage, and ornamental grasses that require less water and can withstand the extreme temperature changes we often experience. Rainwater harvesting systems are another fantastic investment. By capturing and storing rainwater, we can significantly reduce our reliance on other water sources, which comes in handy when there are water restrictions.


Indigenous Plant Selection

When it comes to plant selection, choose local plant species. Native plants are accustomed to Calgarys specific climatic conditions and thus require fewer resources to thrive. Our local environment has many unique plant species that bring beauty and sustainability to our environment. Consider incorporating the Prairie Crocus, Alberta’s provincial flower, the Rosa Acicularis, or the White Spruce, a tree native to the area.


Smart Soil Management

At Bradbosh Landscaping, we know that soil is the foundation of any healthy landscape. Our goal is to demystify the process of choosing good soil and managing it.  Additionally, opting for a simple organic composting technique to enrich your garden beds, is a sustainable practice that is easier than you may think. This can allow you to incorporate organic matter like food waste and garden clippings into your garden maintenance routine. The resulting soil is not only fertile but also efficient in holding water and nutrients.


Innovative Landscape Design for Sustainability


Gone are the days when sustainable meant bland. Today, Bradbosh Landscaping’s innovative designs merge aesthetic appeal with green living. Integrating natural stone walkways, permeable pavers, and other materials that are sourced sustainably and locally. Make use of vertical spaces by adopting green walls, which can serve as both an aesthetic feature and an insulation layer for your home. Landscaping design is what Bradbosh does best! Let us help you reach the full potential of your outdoor spaces. We create eye-catching, sustainable landscape designs and bring them to life.


The Role of Technology in Sustainable Landscaping

They may not seem like natural bedfellows, but technology and sustainable landscaping go hand in hand. Let us help you leverage technology to enhance your outdoor spaces. Solar-powered lighting fixtures, automatic irrigation systems with moisture sensors, and intelligent lawnmowers can make maintenance efficient and eco-friendly. These tools not only save time but also significantly reduce the energy and resources spent in upkeeping your outdoor spaces.


Seasonal Care and Maintenance: A Year-Long Commitment

The sustainability of your landscape isn’t a one-time setup but a continuous process. Keeping tabs on your garden throughout the year can increase it’s sustainability. Even during winters, make use of organic anti-snow compounds instead of salt, which can be harmful to the soil and vegetation. In spring, go for seasonal plants that can be replaced after their lifecycle, reducing waste.


Making a Difference, One Garden at a Time

The pillars of sustainable landscaping in the Calgary area include a multifaceted approach that incorporates water conservation, smart material selection, and an investment in technology. But at the end of the day, its the collective adoption of these practices that will make a real difference. Our goal at Bradbosh Landscaping is to make this ideal a reality for you. Let’s join hands to create incredible Calgary landscapes that are as nourishing to the soul as they are to the planet.