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Commercial Landscape Design & Construction

Photo of commercial landscaping by Bradbosh for TD Bank
Commercial landscaping

Transform your commercial outdoor space

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Commercial landscape design & construction experts

Bradbosh specializes in turning ordinary landscapes into extraordinary outdoor spaces. Transform your commercial space into an inviting and functional environment.


Whether you’re after a welcoming entrance, a serene outdoor break area, or a sustainable landscape that enhances your corporate image, our dedicated team is here to bring your vision to life.

I have worked with Bradbosh for many years now and they still manage to exceed my expectations! Their team is professional, quick and knowledgeable. I can always rely on Bradbosh to get the job done right and on budget. I am proud to partner with them.

Why Choose Bradbosh?



With 21 years of experience in landscape architecture and construction, we blend creativity with technical expertise to design landscapes that are both beautiful and functional.




Your vision is our blueprint. We work closely with you to understand your unique style, preferences, and practical needs to create a customized design that exceeds your expectations.

Quality Craftsmanship


From meticulous garden beds to intricate hardscaping features, we prioritize quality in every detail of our construction process, ensuring lasting beauty and durability.


Comprehensive Services


Our services cover every aspect of landscape design and construction, including site analysis, conceptual design, installation, and ongoing maintenance to keep your landscape looking pristine year-round.

What to expect

Our commercial landscape design process considers your vision and needs, along with your property size and budget, to create a professional and vibrant landscape.

We work with you until you are completely satisfied with the final outcome of your project. Your vision is our top priority, and we guarantee that it will come to life.

We don’t begin until you understand and approve the complete scope of work. This includes what plants will be used and their locations on your property.

Our Process

  1. We call to set up an appointment at the proposed site. We explain our company and give you an overview of what we do.


  1. Our professional staff will interview you, ask you questions about your needs, and evaluate the site for potential design concerns.


  1. Measuring the site, we will need a survey or a lot plan of the yard handed to us either at the start or end of the interview. This will give us the information we need to assess the site’s size and correctly measure the location of all existing plant material windows at ground level, all retaining walls, buildings and fixtures (i.e. gas, power, light standards).


  1. We lay out the most aesthetically pleasing and design-conscious landscapes in the design process. Aesthetically pleasing shapes and styles are drawn, and plant material is chosen according to scent, bloom, colour, shape, size and hardiness. They are then counted and labelled in a plant list, giving the Latin and common name so you will know precisely each plant that is proposed, with the suggested planting size. All designs are produced to scale.
  1. A bid is prepared for everything in your design. Remember, this is just a plan; everything is still being finalized; we can always enhance your design accordingly or place plant material that may have been left out in the original interview.


  1. If you have difficulty visualizing your pond or water feature, we can draw a freehand elevation view to emphasize and give you a creative vision of what it would look like.


  1. Since we are a design-build company, we can show you other designs, photographs and previously constructed sites. This will help you see, step by step, how we will approach your job and show you our professional attitude, high-quality workmanship and the overall expertise we give each yard.

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Our services include

Landscape Design

From initial concept sketches to detailed digital renderings, we guide you through the design process to visualize your ideal outdoor space.



Enhance your landscape with elegant stone pathways, stunning patio areas, custom-built retaining walls, and more.



We specialize in selecting and installing lush plantings, vibrant flower beds, and sustainable gardens tailored to thrive in your local environment.


Water Features

Add tranquility to your space with custom-designed waterfalls, ponds, or fountains that create a soothing ambiance.


Outdoor Lighting

Extend the enjoyment of your outdoor space into the evening with expertly designed lighting that enhances safety and ambiance.

Entrance Enhancements

Create a striking first impression with beautifully landscaped entrances and signage that reflect your corporate identity.


Outdoor Gathering Areas

Design inviting outdoor spaces for meetings, employee breaks, or client interactions, complete with seating areas, shading solutions, and aesthetic enhancements.


Sustainable Landscaping

Reduce environmental impact and enhance sustainability by using native plants, installing water-efficient irrigation systems, and green roofs.


Seasonal Displays

Keep your landscape vibrant year-round with seasonal plantings and decorations that reflect the changing seasons and holidays.


Outdoor Amenities

Incorporate amenities such as walkways, lighting, and recreational areas to promote employee well-being and productivity.

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