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9 Ways You Need to Prep Your Property for Spring | Bradbosh
9 Ways You Need to Prep Your Property for Spring

9 Ways You Need to Prep Your Property for Spring

While snow may still be falling in Calgary, spring really is just around the corner. For property managers, this is a crucial time in seasonal maintenance. Prepping your property for spring is essential to maintaining the landscape and making it look its very best.

Managing the landscape on a commercial property can be an intensive — and maybe even overwhelming — task. There are multiple aspects of maintenance to consider and jobs to tick off the do-to list, but with the right information, planning, and expertise, your property will be ready for a successful growing season.

What should be included in your basic spring maintenance task list?

  1. Dethatching Thatch is the build-up of leaves, stems, and other debris that can pile up over fall and winter. Dethatching removes the excess layer of thatch from lawns that can lead to growth issues in spring and summer.

  2. Lawn aeration Aerating every second year mitigates soil compaction and increases soil resiliency — allowing for better lawn growth and healthier grass.

  3. Cultivating flowers beds Removing deep weeds and adding mulch will help keep new weeds at bay and aerate the soil to keep your plants and flowers happy and healthy.

  4. Pruning A tour of the property will show you the trees and greenery that need pruning or trimming. Address any safety concerns — overhanging branches or greenery encroaching on pathways — and trim and prune for aesthetics. Routine pruning also helps ensure the long-lasting health of your trees.

  5. Lighting Lighting adds a whole new dimension to your landscape — if it’s in working condition. Check all landscape lighting to make sure nothing was damaged over the winter.

  6. Perennials Proactively address your perennials needs so they can make their comeback this spring. Maintaining perennials help a property stay vibrant without requiring new planting.

  7. Irrigation start-up Your irrigation system needs a thorough check every spring. Make sure there’s no damage to the system and that a leak hasn’t sprung up over the winter months.

  8. Fertilizer Get your grass ready to grow green this spring by feeding it what it needs — a good fertilizer. Water the grass a couple days before and then immediately after application to help the fertilizer absorb into the soil.

  9. Safety check Do a thorough check around the property and look for hanging branches and overgrown trees that might be impeding site lines or parking lots.

Spring cleanup is just the beginning of ensuring your property’s landscape is well taken care of. Continuing maintenance is the key to keeping the property you manage looking its finest.

Bradbosh can help you maintain your property’s landscape year-round to preserve its health and vitality. Call today and rely on Bradbosh’s quality service to get your property prepped for spring and beyond.

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