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Going green: 4 tips for more sustainable landscaping | Bradbosh
Going green: 4 tips for more sustainable landscaping

Going green: 4 tips for more sustainable landscaping

Being Albertan, you’ve likely had a conversation or two about sustainability. Regardless of the many arguments for and against, we can all agree that sustainability is at the forefront more than ever, and subscribing to the tried and tested reduce, reuse, recycle model offers many benefits.

Sustainable landscaping uses environmentally responsible methods to offset potentially negative effects on our natural surroundings. Of course, these practices vary depending on the climate you’re living in, but here are some key ways to develop and maintain your property’s landscape sustainably here in Alberta.

  1. Be conscious of water usage
    Reducing water usage is very important, and something the entire planet can benefit from. Obviously, using water is necessary to maintaining a healthy, aesthetically pleasing landscape. But be smart about it. 

    • Don’t leave your sprinklers on all day. Try watering less frequently, but for longer periods of time — every couple of days rather than daily. The longer period allows the water to sink further into the ground, forcing your lawn’s roots to reach further to get it.
    • Choose water conscious irrigation systems. At Bradbosh, our irrigation systems all have rain sensors so that no water is wasted on your lawn when it’s raining outside.
    • Leave your grass a little bit longer on top. This will protect the roots and help keep moisture in the ground rather than being absorbed by that hot Alberta sun.
    • Use a bark or rock mulch in your flower beds. Having the extra layer above the soil helps protect it, keep the ground cool, and allow it to hold moisture The bark will also hold water and keep moisture in your garden.

  2. Utilize reusable/recycled materials
    Sometimes this can be easier said than done. We understand that people want to see new things from new materials when giving their garden a makeover. However, a mix of the old and new can still create a vibrant outdoor space.

    • Reusing previously existing materials from your property or recycled materials from somewhere else is a great way to cut down on negative impact to your environment – and your wallet.
    • Mulch your clippings instead of bagging them. If they’re not too long to be unsightly, leave your grass clippings on the lawn and let them fertilize your grass naturally, injecting nitrogen and other necessary nutrients.
    • On a larger scale, Bradbosh mulches all dead mature trees and reuses the wood chips in gardens and other areas.
    • If the clippings are too big to mulch, throw them in the composter rather than a black garbage bag.

  3. Consider Xeriscaping
    Xeriscaping, from the Greek “Xeros” meaning dry, is an idea originating from drought-afflicted climates that needed to conserve water. It has now spread far and wide as the philosophy of using plants natural to your area and climate, as opposed to using high-maintenance foreign plants. Xeriscaping can also be simplified by eliminating your lawn completely, or installing a rock garden instead of a traditional flower bed.

  4. Make the little things count
    There are many day-to-day things you can bring to your yard to cut down on environmental impact. Here’s a list of bonus items we think are the best, easiest daily practices:

    • Use local materials
    • Grow things that give back like shady trees, plants that attract pollinators, or vegetable garden
    • Choose environmentally-friendly fertilizers
    • Use alternatives to power equipment – a push mower instead of a gas-powered mower, hand sheers, a scythe or hoe instead of a weed trimmer, or a rake or a broom instead of a power blower.

It might seem overwhelming to change your routine towards more sustainable practices, but even little steps can make a big impact. Whether you’re responsible for maintaining a small garden or a large outdoor area, acting on these ideas can help guide you towards a cleaner, greener, and longer lasting landscape.

Bradbosh can help you maintain your property’s landscape year-round to preserve its health and vitality. Call today and rely on Bradbosh’s quality service to get your property prepped for spring and beyond.

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