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Are you ready to weather the storm? 10 tips to prepare your property for winter | Bradbosh
Are you ready to weather the storm? 10 tips to prepare your property for winter

Are you ready to weather the storm? 10 tips to prepare your property for winter

We know it wasn’t that long ago that you were sitting in your back yard, watching green leaves fade, trying not to think about how close they were to falling. You were still in a tee-shirt and not at all ready to think about sweaters yet, let alone the sun going down before 9pm. We were there, too.

Unfortunately, fall is here and winter isn’t far behind. The sooner you start preparing your property (inside and out) for winter, the better off you’ll be when the snow hits. Save yourself from scrambling at the first signs of surprise snow by following these 10 tips:

Clean your gutters: Over the summer, the gutters on your property build up with dirt, leaves, and other detritus which can cause water to back up. This can cause damage to roofing and siding when the chinooks melt the snow off your roof in the spring.

Check your windows/doors for drafts: Feel around the edges of your windows and doors for air flow. If you notice any drafts, replace seals and repair caulking around windows and door frames. This will save you a lot of money on your heating bill in the long run.

Add extensions to downspouts: Add additional pieces to direct your drain water away from the foundation of your building and from walkways. This will prevent meltwater from flooding into your lower levels and minimize pooling and freezing on your sidewalks overnight.

Drain all hoses/faucets: Undrained water in pipes will freeze, which could cause pipes to burst as the ice expands. Disconnect all your garden hoses and drain the remaining water from your faucets.

Have your irrigation system drained: Draining your home irrigation system can be complicated, but it’s extremely important. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, hire an irrigation company or other professionals to come and take care of it for you.

Mow your leaves instead of raking them: Don’t rake your leaves! This might sound odd, but taking the bag off your mower and mulching the leaves will provide nutrients to your lawn through winter and provide benefits come springtime.

Beware of ‘slip & falls’: Ensure all sidewalks and walkways on and surrounding your property are shovelled, cleared and de-iced to minimize the chance of someone slipping and getting injured.

Fertilize your lawn: To facilitate growth when the snow melts, proactively give your lawn the food it needs to recover in the spring.

Plant bulbs: Plant all your flower bulbs before the snow hits to ensure you’ve got fresh spring colours popping up in your yard before anyone else.

Close your eyes and dream of summer: Turn the fireplace on, order a pizza, cozy up with a blanket, start a Netflix binge and wait for spring.

We’re not saying dig your snow pants out right now, but the sooner you start planning, the better off you’ll be as winter inevitably tracks us down. Effectively maintaining your property through the winter months is critical to keeping it, (and you), warm, safe, and running efficiently.

Contact Bradbosh today to set up a winter maintenance plan for your residential or commercial property.

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