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"Au naturel" in the garden: 4 reasons why you should consider climate minded landscaping | Bradbosh
“Au naturel” in the garden: 4 reasons why you should consider climate minded landscaping

“Au naturel” in the garden: 4 reasons why you should consider climate minded landscaping

In our last blog, we touched on the topic of Xeriscaping – the idea of using plants native to your area and climate – to increase the sustainability of your landscape. This blog elaborates on that train of thought, digging deeper into climate minded landscaping – what it means, what it could mean for you, and why you might be interested.

Climate minded landscaping doesn’t mean giving up a big, colourful, beautifully landscaped property. Simply put, it means favouring local (native) plants and incorporating elements such as rocks or boulders to give your landscape a more natural structure. So, what are the benefits?


Alberta is a province of extremes. We live through +30 degree summers and -30 degree winters, but our landscaping can’t do the same. Plants that grow and live naturally in Alberta handle the weather better than imported plants, and will live longer through the seasons. This means less time maintaining, and more time enjoying your property.

Our ecosystem will love you

Choosing native plants has a positive impact on Alberta’s ecosystem, as animals and insects thrive off local plant life. A garden made up of naturally occurring foliage will create homes and nurture life for our birds and insects.

A healthier environment

Climate minded landscaping also provides benefits to your domestic life. Local plants do not require a lot of the same fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides that many imported, high-maintenance plants require. Choosing naturally occurring plants creates a safer, healthier environment for you and your family, or the tenants at your property, to enjoy and relax.

Let’s not forget your wallet

If you have been avoiding landscaping due to cost-related concerns, think again. Climate minded landscaping comes with cost-efficiency, as native plants are cheaper, lower maintenance, and live longer. A beautiful property is within your reach at a reasonable price.

Whether you want to save money, conserve ecosystems, reduce your environmental footprint, create a less toxic environment for the people around you, conserve water, spend less time maintaining your property, or all of the above – climate minded landscaping might be your perfect solution.

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